Best Outdoor Patio Ideas

A patio can be one of the most interesting and exciting ways to create some interest outdoors. It can provide a central area to gather and entertain guests and is usually where any outdoor seating area will be situated. In the modern age, there are so many options for what you can do with your outdoor patio. In this post, we’re exploring some of the best outdoor patio ideas and patio design ideas to inspire the next look you might want to introduce in your backyard.

Here are some of the key ideas that can provide a great look and functional space in your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen or a Bar

If you love to entertain outdoors or you are looking to enjoy food and drink as part of your outdoor patio design, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look to incorporate an outdoor kitchen or even a bar as a part of your patio design ideas.

You can create an outdoor kitchen with relative ease, especially if you already have water flowing outdoors. This can have lots of benefits, especially living in hot areas, and can keep the heat outside instead of warming up your kitchen indoors.

A bar and kitchen will make you the neighborhood gathering point for social events outdoors!

Gazebos for Shade

You won’t want to spend loads of time outdoors if it is too hot or if you run the risk of getting a sunburn while you chill out in the backyard! You can avoid this by including a gazebo design to cast some shade over the patio area.

You can either go down the route of buying a gazebo that you can install yourself or, alternatively, there is the option to have custom gazebo design carried out to perfectly suit the size and shape of your patio.

Custom Pools or Fountains

A custom pool or fountain is a wonderful way to add a statement look to your outdoor patio. You can use these as a way to cool down, too. The cool water in a fountain or water feature can help with the temperature. If you are somewhere warm such as Nevada then searching for water fountains in las vegas can show you options for companies who can help you to create the right look for your own home.

A custom pool can incorporate cast pool coping for a smooth look and feel that goes with your patio. This is one of the backyard patio ideas that will require quite a lot of work, but it can be worth it.

Outdoor Fireplace or a Fire Pit

When the evening rolls around both the light and the temperature will drop on your patio. It is a great time to light up a fire pit or even an amazing outdoor fireplace, which can have a more custom look and even its own outdoor chimney.

A fire pit doesn’t have to be an expensive acquisition but it can be a wonderful outdoor patio idea that can give you and your guests a focal point to gather around, much like an old-fashioned campfire. Your fire pit can be a place to warm up water for a hot drink or even toast some marshmallows, too! Fire gives a cozy and welcoming feel to your outdoor space.

Simple but Beautiful Seating Area

You can’t really enjoy many of the features you include on your patio or in your outdoor area if you don’t have somewhere to sit and chill out. A simple and modern design can be used to create a seating area that stands up to the elements. You don’t have to worry about the rain if you incorporate your seating within a gazebo.

Alternatively, simple but beautiful designs using rattan and treated wood can be a fantastic option for an outdoor patio due to being weatherproof

Be careful if you are using any cushions or throws on your outdoor seating area. If the weather takes a turn for the worse then you might end up with some wet cushions!

An outdoor patio can be a brilliant use of your space and if you live somewhere warm it can be like a second living room outside.

Things to Consider When Designing Your Restaurant

When the time comes to design a restaurant it is important to know exactly what you are doing. Knowing how to design a restaurant is vastly different from other forms of design. Principles that apply for home design and interior design may not have any relevance for making a restaurant look great. In this guide, we’re looking at restaurant design and how you can create a certain look within your restaurant to make it look classy and drive people through the door.

Colors & Lighting Matters

There are certain colors that have a scientific effect on our brains. Did you know that red makes us feel more hungry, whereas blue makes our metabolism slow down! If you are choosing a color scheme then you should opt for something that looks great and keeps within a certain theme but doesn’t neglect the psychological effect of colors.

Lighting should fit in, too. A white lighting scheme can encourage focus, and look more modern. Tungsten lights fit with classic looks and have a relaxing property.

Be Smart with Space

Not many people will choose to eat in a restaurant that is cramped. Everyone wants their own space and to eat in comfort without having to think about the conversation on the next table.

You can make your space appear bigger by being clever with how you arrange furniture. Also, incorporating more mirrors can be a good way to enhance the look of the restaurant and give the illusion it is bigger and more spacious than it actually is.

What’s Your Theme?

Many restaurants have a theme that can be used to drive your restaurant design ideas. For instance, if your restaurant serves Asian food, think about using Asian signs and imagery such as dragons! If you are a seafood restaurant, decorated with images of the sea, model boats, and anchor signs. This helps to promote a strong brand image.

Staying on the message in terms of colors and the theme of your restaurant is vital. It shows you have a clear theme in your food rather than just being random and aimless.

Fortunately, there is always a lot of inspiration readily available. All you need to do is walk down the high street and head to some local restaurants, or watch some video reviews of restaurants to give you some restaurant design ideas. Do your market research, decide on a theme and then stick with it. This ensures that you have the best chance of customers understanding your brand and ultimately gives off a more professional image.

Design Details

The following are some design details you should consider when looking into how to design a restaurant. Every restaurant design is different but it is still so important to consider the impact each element could have on the look and vibe in your restaurant.Living room design


Fireplaces can give a lovely warm glow and are an especially welcome look if you are opening your restaurant in a location that can get cold. People are drawn to come inside to the fire. It gives a classy and homely feel, like an English pub! The fireplace mantels can also give you an extra place to decorate and nail down the theme of your restaurant design.


Fountains provide a very luxurious feel. The kind of look you associate with Michelin stars and incredibly good food! If you are trying to create a very high-end establishment, you can get custom fountains created to fit with your design and show people that your restaurant belongs at the elite level!

Faux Ceiling Beams

It can be hard to create an amazing look without spending huge amounts of money. Ceiling beams are a way to create a striking and historic appearance within your restaurant, but the truth of the matter is that they require loads of upkeep and they’re not the easiest to have installed if they don’t exist within the building already.

Faux ceiling beams are created to give the look of old fashioned beams without any of the upkeep and at a small amount of the cost. They still look fantastic and to the naked eye, it is very hard to tell any difference between the two. Installation is much easier and this is a way you can spend relatively little money for an amazing look.Stone Staircases


Yes, staircases are functional, but they also provide a chance for you to make a design statement. Your staircase should always be safe to ensure that staff and customers don’t have any accidents, but you can also include some personality. Think about a spiral staircase to save space, or an old-fashioned staircase to stick with the olde-worlde image you may be trying to create. A staircase should not be ignored as a design feature just because it is functional, too.

5 Kitchen Design Solutions for Your Home

Kitchen design solutions, when done right, can make an incredibly huge difference to your home. The kitchen is one area people love to congregate, and it can be good for eating and drinking as well as just preparing food. The kitchen is functional, sure, but some beautiful kitchen ideas can make all the difference and turn it into a room where you want to spend as much time as possible.

We’ve put together some kitchen design solutions in this post, which can help spark your inspiration to look into sprucing up your own kitchen.

Add a kitchen island

kitchen designKitchen islands have an extremely glamorous look in almost any kitchen. Adding an island can create a central point for people who wish to congregate, too, and ensure you can face the same direction. Whether you’re looking for a breakfast bar or a full table design, an island can help. It can also be an extra place to prepare food.

Kitchen islands come in all sorts of designs and can add a luxury feel to your kitchen. You can use slate, marble or granite on the surface if you wish to add even more of a classic and interesting design. Kitchen islands open up opportunities for different styles of lighting and accessories and details, too. You can even get custom countertops to match your island and keep that consistent design theme going.

Correspond flooring with walls and ceiling

Thematic consistency always gives a well-rounded feel to a design, it is a great way to ensure that whatever look you go for feels deliberate and planned, rather than just being cobbled together.

The floors, walls and ceiling should all be seen as one aspect of the very foundation of your design. Choose materials, textures and colors which will work together. If you opt for lots of different wood designs or colors of cabinet and surface, for instance, it can look terrible. Similarly, a green-tiled luxury flooring with a red or purple surface design could look overly loud and inconsistent. A stone kitchen sink with metal fittings in other parts of the room may start to look unintentional and poorly thought-out.

Add useful Kitchen Details

Some kitchen design solutions can be sparked by the details. There is always more that you can buy to spruce up your kitchen, and many accessories and details that all play a part in the design, from the kettle and jars you may have on the countertop, to large structural aspects like kitchen hoods. These details should all stay in a similar theme, but can be a good chance to add interest to your room and create a feature.

Kitchen details go further than just peripherals and things you buy for your kitchen. Fixtures and fittings including the faucets and door handles have their own impact on the way things look.

Gather Lots of Design Inspiration First

kitchen design solutionsBeautiful kitchen ideas are not hard to come by in the modern age. We have so many resources, including Realm of Design, where you can go to find kitchen design ideas which will suit your home.

Don’t just go for the first one that jumps out. You can create a mood board and think about what themes will look good in your home before jumping into the design itself.

Take Care with Colors

Finding the right color scheme is vital, and finding one which will go with things like your fixtures and fittings, cooker and cooker hood and fridge is essential. There are a lot of things to fit into a kitchen, and most of them will probably be manufactured by different companies. It is down to you to match up colors.

Use a color wheel to make sure the colors you go for are complimentary. You can also learn about warm and cool colors and decide which sort of design you want to go for in your kitchen.

No matter where in the world you live, or how big or small your home is, it is vital that you take some time thinking about the kitchen design. The kitchen will see a lot of traffic, and you should make it look and feel like somewhere you want to spend time.

How to Get a Luxury Look in Your Living Room?

Your living room is the place in your home where you’re likely to spend most of your waking hours. It is a central hub for relaxing and entertaining guests, and it is also a great place to make a statement with your decorating. Luxurious homes always have luxury living rooms, and it is natural to want to make your home look as fantastic and appealing as possible.

In this article, we have some tips for you to follow to try and get that luxury look in your living room, some of them are simpler than others, but all have the same end result.

Add some Architectural Details

affordable luxury living roomArchitectural details aren’t always easy to add. There is a lot that you can do if you have the ability or if you plan to work with professionals to make drastic changes. Architectural details are probably the best way to do this. They are also a wonderful way that you can define your home, as it is always the finer details that stand out and turn your house into a home that people will remember.

For instance, perhaps you have an old wood burner or custom fireplace in your home that has been boarded up, you can turn this into a full architectural detail, with hearth and mantelpiece. There is a lot that can be done with a feature like this. Alternatively, luxurious doorways, patio openings and even light fittings can get that look of extra detail and luxury. Something as simple as replacing door handles can change the vibe in your living room.

Columns and beams are another brilliant way to add an interesting feature which screams of elegance. Architectural columns may be tough to install, but they look incredible and historic. Faux wood beams may be a slightly simpler job which can equally add to your luxury living room.

Consider Corresponding Colors

Finding the right colors for your home is something that you can easily spend a lot of time doing and still not get totally right. While we live in an age where minimalism and light, vibrant colors are very popular, these don’t always send off the right feeling of luxury, certainly not in a classical way.

Of course, a color scheme should match, there is a color wheel and all sorts of theory that can go into creating your color scheme within the living room. Check out a fascinating article on the topic here.

Learn about warm and cool colors. If you are looking for a modern design, the cool half of the color wheel will probably be preferable, but if you want to make a room look luxurious in more of a classical way, look for warmer colors. Accent these with golds and chromes if you can for an even more elegant feel to your living room design.

Add Luxury Furniture

Furniture can be one of the more simple ways to make changes in your home. There’s no need to have structural changes, you can simply purchase and install the right furniture. Solid woods and classy finishes on oaks and maple woods can provide an amazing look to your home.

Depending on the type of style you are looking for, you can get glamorous historic furniture, and even buy it antique and get it restored to its former glory. Consider how different a big, oak coffee table looks compared to a cheap flat-pack made out of MDF. Add accents like candlesticks and classy accessories and you will quickly see the difference as you start to make a room look luxurious.

Have high-quality lightning

Luxurious Living RoomLighting is another big opportunity to experiment and make some changes to your home without requiring a crazy amount of work to be done. Structural changes aren’t needed other than the installation of the lights.

If you want to go classical, opt for a chandelier or an elegant design of light shade, or if you want to go with a more modern luxury living room, why not opt for a color-changing light which can be controlled as part of your smart home setup? This is a great way to wow your guests, too.

Living room design is complex, and there are thousands of different directions you can head down when making your living room design. Picking a theme and following through can be one of the best ways to get a luxury look in the living room.

Tuscan Decor – What are Tuscan Columns?

The use of columns is an excellent way of transferring the weight of a structure’s roof downward. Columns and colonnades make for excellent support for buildings. This method in architecture has been used for centuries. But more than just for support, columns can also be aesthetically pleasing.

Ancient Greeks and Romans decorated their columns, and this Tuscan decor added to the aesthetics of the structure. Today, columns still serve the same functions. People install custom columns of various design styles created for different purposes. Most are decorative columns pillars, and among them, Tuscan decor is one of the most popular.


There were five main types of orders of architecture that were common in ancient Greece and Rome. These were the Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan, and Composite orders. The Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian style were styles came out in ancient Greece. On the other hand, Romans derived Tuscan decor and Composite from the Greeks. Each of these orders has a truly distinct style.

balustrade system

The Tuscan decor order, as the name implies, arose from Tuscany in Italy. As was mentioned earlier, some say that this style emerged from the other Greek orders. Other sources say that the Tuscan style is older than the other Greek orders.

No matter the origins, the style remained popular throughout the course of history. Many buildings built during the Renaissance employed Tuscan style. Commercial, government, residential, and other structures still use these columns today.

So What are Tuscan Columns?

All of the architectural orders were popular, and each of them had their own artistic merits. These columns are some of the simplest in terms of design.

In fact, some say that the primary draw of the column is its simplicity. That is why this style remained popular throughout the centuries. Some of the features that these columns have are the following:

Shaft texture 

The shaft of this column is distinctly smooth. There is no fluting and no grooves on the surface of the shaft. This is in comparison with other decorative pillars seen in other orders.

Shaft size

The column shaft is slender. However, it may sometimes be considered wider than the columns of the other orders.


The base of the column is where the shaft rests. These types of columns base are unadorned and may be circular or square-shaped.


The capital is the top part of the column. The column’s capital is also simple and unadorned. It is not like other decorative columns pillars from other orders that have ornate designs.

Modern Use in Interior and Exterior

Military buildings and other government structures prefer Tuscan columns because of their simple design. Today, custom columns in the Tuscan style are still very widely used. They are in both the interior and exterior of buildings. Some of the modern uses of columns include:


These columns are excellent for supporting a building’s interior. The simple design makes it a perfect fit for a variety of interior designs. The unadorned pillars easily match whatever aesthetic the owner wants to install inside the building. They are in both residential and commercial structures.


In establishments, columns are often used to give an unassuming but glamorous exterior. The simplicity of the columns paired with the exterior design of a building can give a majestic look. In commercial buildings, these are often used for supporting high ceilings and roofs. In residential structures, columns are often used in porticos, porches, lanais, terraces, and more.

These columns rely on the fact that they are simple and unadorned. Its simplicity makes it an excellent fit for various styles, all while giving off an elegant look. Consider getting customized columns in the Tuscan style if you want a simple but majestic design.

Make Your Home or Establishment More Enchanting with Columns

These columns have a way of making a place look glamorous while keeping it simple. If this is the style you want, Realm of Design can create your custom columns for you.

Our company specializes in making exquisite designs for both commercial and residential structures. We have been in business for almost 20 years, and this makes us truly experienced in the field. No matter what architectural order you are partial to, we can make your specially designed columns happen. You may contact us at (702) 566-1188.

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Why Add a Fireplace to Your Living Room?

Fireplaces are charming. There is nothing more heartwarming than welcoming your guests to a home with a beautiful fireplace in living room. As such, it’s not surprising to see them in homes on the big screen and regular TV shows.

But other than its aesthetic appeal and frequent cameos in media, what else can a fireplace offer to a home? Should you consider installing one in your home? Here are a few reasons why!

4 Reasons to Add a Fireplace to Your Home

Reduces Heat Cost

Living room fireplace

As heating systems emerge in homes, fireplaces are now being considered for practical purposes. Well, if you can warm up the home with a simple knob of a thermostat, why wouldn’t you, right?

Compared to other heating systems, a fireplace is a cost-effective choice. Heating systems take up so much electricity and power. In the winter, for instance, heating up the room can cause you up to a thousand dollars in electricity bills. However, having custom fireplaces enough to warm up your home is enough reason not to touch the thermostat.

Besides, custom fireplaces are also great at reducing the heat of the home because they require less energy. Wood is not expensive enough to exceed the cost of heating systems. It is, even more, cost-effective in normal temperatures when you just want a bit of warmth.

Makes the Room Cozy

Have you ever noticed how a fireplace affects the ambiance of a space? Whether it be a fireplace wall design or fireplace wall décor, there is a relaxing appeal to them.

An older fireplace design gives a rustic atmosphere that can improve a person’s mood. Fire, with its warmth, is known for calming and soothing the body. For cold or chilly nights, fireplaces make rooms feel comfortable and warm. Imagine spending the night cuddling with a loved one on the couch by the fireplace. Just the thought of it already creates a wonderfully serene experience.

Adds Value to a Home

Not a lot of people know this, but a fireplace is a cheap home improvement that will increase the value of your home. Fireplaces cost around five thousand dollars or higher to install, but it creates a big difference in the value of the house.

As with any fixture that has its own features and benefits, a fireplace offers unique features. Whether it be a gas, wood, or electric fireplace, the added benefit of enjoying a safe space near the fire.

According to the National Center for Real Estate research, each fireplace adds a 12% increase in the value of the house. This percentage will increase even more depending on the location of the home, the climate, and other factors. In addition, homes with fireplaces appeal to many buyers because of its potential benefit or use.


Transforms Your HomeOutdoor pearl fireplace

You don’t have to settle for regular fireplaces. You can have your custom fireplace to meet the overall aesthetic you are eyeing. Modern homes have various styles and take on the typical fireplace.

Some have glass fireplaces, transparent structures, and even remote controls. With so many design

s to choose from or to create yourself, it is impossible not to settle for a fireplace that meets your exact demands and specifications.

If you don’t actually want to use your fireplace, you can have a fireplace wall décor. It makes the living room look very classy and sophisticated. It is also eye-catching and a great conversation starter!

For exciting and out-of-the-box fireplaces, you can go for a fireplace wall design. Fireplace wall designs are fireplaces that aren’t situated on the floor but are installed in the middle of the wall. They give an eccentric and modern twist to a typical fireplace experience.

It’s Time to Invest in Your Own Fireplace

Thinking of investing in a fireplace? Perhaps you’re looking for architectural concepts or inspirations for its construction? If so, consider Realm of Design!

Realm of Design has been around for more than 20 years. We boast of our team’s knowledge and expertise in custom and artistic fireplace designs. We cater to various homes and businesses across the nation. Want a quotation for your dream fireplace? Contact us at (702) 566-1188 now!

Brass and Copper Details in Design and Architecture

Brass and copper details in design and architecture are two very popular materials which are used for details in a number of designs. Interior designers know how to use brass or copper as a perfect way to accent other design elements. Though these materials don’t play as big a part as they once did in home design, they can give a very specific look that is hard to recreate using other materials. Brass and copper are sometimes very popular, other times slightly less popular, but metals like this are never really ‘out’ of fashion.

Historically, copper was used a lot in larger architecture rather than just being used for detailing. Of course, it is quite nice to look at! However, it was chosen more for the fact that it was really durable, not susceptible to the weather and was also pretty easy to mold into complicated shapes.

What details are usually made with brass or copper?

The details which commonly use these types of metals are handles. We’re very used to seeing a brass door handle or knocker. Historic items that make interesting talking points also include candlesticks and coasters, but there are a lot more items in the modern era which are available made out of copper or brass. Things like bins, shelves and even full shelving units can be made out of copper and they have something of an art-deco feel to them.

Other items we’ve seen made out of brass or copper, or materials which compliment brass and copper, include clocks, lamps and things like letter holders and stationary holders. Depending on which room you are decorating, you can find brass and copper items. In the modern age of manufacturing, there is more being produced than ever.

Are copper and brass expensive?

When we talk about copper and brass, we aren’t talking about solid metal necessarily. Brass and copper plating can be a good alternative. Solid brass specifically can be pretty expensive. However, the tones of brass and copper can be achieved without actually having to buy the metals specifically. Rosy metallic items may market themselves as being copper and brass designs due to their tone.

If money is not a huge concern then you can opt for some amazing Scandinavian brass items which look and feel fantastic, and are built to last many years.

What design styles use brass and copper details

Design elemets

Brass and Copper stylings don’t have a specific school of decor or interior design attached to them, but you probably wouldn’t associate these with any ultramodern look. Any design which is trying to bring some warmth to the home can achieve this with a touch of brass or copper.

Brass and copper have such warmth that they can look incredible when used along with rich woods such as mahogany and oak furniture. A classic design would be a dining room with an oak table and chairs, which could be used alongside copper and brass details such as door handles, candlesticks, and even clocks or placemats and other home accessories.

Brass and copper are also known for going very well with marble. Naturally, if you are going for a more classic look, marble or marble effect sideboards or fireplaces can be complemented with these styles of metal details.

If you are brave enough for a darker design such as using black for your wallpapers or even for a feature wall, you can punctuate this by using brass features.

Alternatively, if you use brass and copper in bathrooms or kitchens it can give a really traditional look. Copper specifically being used in these rooms can give a historic look which looks great in older houses. Taps and sinks are yet another place for you to decide whether you want to use brass or copper finishes for an impressive look.


There is no denying that these metals have come back into fashion in a big way in recent years. Whether you want to add some funky fittings to a modern interior design or you have an older building that you want to accentuate with some genuine, warm copper and brass finishes then including one of these rosy metals can be a great way to make a statement with your design.

Columns for Luxurious Garden Design

It is no exaggeration to say that columns for luxurious Garden Design have been used in design and landscaping for thousands of years, since the ancient Greeks and Romans, and even before! Columns can give a classy, luxury look to your landscaping whether that’s your garden or elsewhere around your home.

It can be all-too-easy to assume that columns are too difficult to install within your own yard, but this isn’t necessarily true. In this article, we’re looking at columns and how they can help to create an amazing custom design that will make people take notice in your garden.

Why Use Columns?

Columns & Balustrade Systems
There are many reasons to use columns as part of your design. Some may be obvious, but others, you may not have thought of!

Columns can be a brilliant way to mark off areas of your garden. For instance, if you have an area such as a patio, surrounding it with columns can neatly round off the edges and make clear where one part of your garden starts and another ends.

The obvious benefit of a column is the fact that they look great. There is a very classy look to a column which makes it look rustic, and like it has been in place for decades or even longer!

Columns can be used in conjunction with other design features such as pergolas to allow you to hold up shaded areas. This way, columns can be put to use, too. They can also create a ‘gate’ area, showing you where walkthroughs are within a garden design. A column either side of a pathway, with shrubbery around it, can look wonderful.

Another benefit is the fact that columns provide a focal point in the garden and another area for things to grow. Vines and shrubs can grow up the column and create a more interesting setting for the greenery growing in your garden.

What Style of Columns to Use

There are numerous types of columns, and though they have historic names the terminology around columns is still used in the modern era.

A Tuscan column is a smooth shafted column which has become popular in modern homes as they’re very simple. Whereas other designs such as Greek Doric columns have carvings and ridges on the shaft, the Tuscan design is easy to make fit in with modern home designs.

For more of an ancient wow-factor, you could go for Corinthian columns. These are thick and designed to be lavish in their design. They have ornaments at the top with things like flowers carved into the design. Many government buildings and historically designed buildings in New York, Washington and elsewhere use these amazingly detailed columns. They may be more expensive, but they are a real statement piece.

Ionic columns are another option with an amazing history, but they’re still made today. They’re a little more slim and dainty than Doric or Ionic options and for this reason, are a little simpler to put in garden designs.

There are many wooden columns out there, too, and these might be a good option if you are looking for something cheaper and easier to install.

Plants to Choose

For plants and shrubs which will be suitable in the area of a column, you may want to opt for something that has a climbing design and will nicely compliment the height of a column. Climbing rose can give a classic look, a beautifully flowering climbing hydrangea may also be a good option. Wisteria and Honeysuckle can also look incredible if you can get them to grow up the column effectively.

Be careful, some plants such as Ivy can actually damage columns as their spikes can actually get into the structure. Avoid Trumpet Vine for exactly this reason, and make sure whatever you opt for is likely to compliment your column design rather than damage it over time.


Columns can give a really lavish look to your garden or backyard and create a focal point, as well as somewhere to grow any climbing plants that you may want. Your yard can look like an ancient Greek garden fit for the gods in no time at all if you make the right choices when installing columns.

Hi-Tech vs The Human-Touch

In an age where a car can now drive itself, some may feel that technology is passing them by, or worse yet–replacing them. Since super computers have enough advanced artificial intelligence to perform many human job-related tasks, this can beg the question of which career positions will still need to be filled with human shoes.
Scott sculpting         scott sculpting5
As many have already seen, computers have already taken over many human’s jobs that involve redundancy and/or manufacturing.  But when it comes to architecture and design, art and creative endeavors in the workplace, humans are harder to replace.  The reason…creativity and innovation start with humans.  Artistic expression is fueled by passion and imagination–both human traits that have yet to be duplicated by a computer.  However, make no mistake–technology does have it’s placed in art.   Computers can be extremely beneficial and valuable to artists as tools that amplify inspiration and creative expression.  In fact, artistic talent is elevated to new levels and amazing results transpire on much grander scales when Hi-Tech tools are combined with a graceful human hand.   But machines can only add to the human-touch,  not replace it.
Scott sculpting2          Scott sculpting4
This is evident in every custom architectural accent created by Realm of Design’s master artisans.  Realm of Design utilizes the most advanced hi-tech architecture and design tools including 3D scanners, 3D modeling, and a 5-axis Computer Numerical Control machine but it is their artistic vision and hand-sculpting of each piece that makes their architectural elements special and unique.  No computer can duplicate the workmanship and devotion that goes into Realm of Design’s pieces. So as we witness technology taking over more occupations, Realm of Design will stay dedicated to hand-crafting each piece they create with their divine human-touch.
Scott sculpting3

Realm of Design Voted Best of Houzz 2015!!

Realm of Design is honored and proud to announce that our fireplace designs and the architectural portfolio has been voted the Best of Houzz 2015 by the Houzz community.  Special thanks to everyone who voted for us.  We work hard every day to design and create the most beautiful architectural accents and pieces.  We also love what we do.  It makes all of us here at ROD  happy to know that our work is appreciated by so many.  Our Realm of Design team looks forward to creating many more artistic architectural designs for you to enjoy.
If you haven’t visited our HOUZZ page… click here.  Our designs include fireplace design, custom fireplace mantels, custom fireplace surrounds, kitchen range hoods and other unique architectural accents.