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Tuscan Decor – What are Tuscan Columns?

The use of columns is an excellent way of transferring the weight of a structure’s roof downward. Columns and colonnades make for excellent support for buildings. This method in architecture has been used for centuries. But more than just for support, columns can also be aesthetically pleasing.

Ancient Greeks and Romans decorated their columns, and this Tuscan decor added to the aesthetics of the structure. Today, columns still serve the same functions. People install custom columns of various design styles created for different purposes. Most are decorative columns pillars, and among them, Tuscan decor is one of the most popular.


There were five main types of orders of architecture that were common in ancient Greece and Rome. These were the Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan, and Composite orders. The Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian style were styles came out in ancient Greece. On the other hand, Romans derived Tuscan decor and Composite from the Greeks. Each of these orders has a truly distinct style.

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The Tuscan decor order, as the name implies, arose from Tuscany in Italy. As was mentioned earlier, some say that this style emerged from the other Greek orders. Other sources say that the Tuscan style is older than the other Greek orders.

No matter the origins, the style remained popular throughout the course of history. Many buildings built during the Renaissance employed Tuscan style. Commercial, government, residential, and other structures still use these columns today.

So What are Tuscan Columns?

All of the architectural orders were popular, and each of them had their own artistic merits. These columns are some of the simplest in terms of design.

In fact, some say that the primary draw of the column is its simplicity. That is why this style remained popular throughout the centuries. Some of the features that these columns have are the following:

Shaft texture 

The shaft of this column is distinctly smooth. There is no fluting and no grooves on the surface of the shaft. This is in comparison with other decorative pillars seen in other orders.

Shaft size

The column shaft is slender. However, it may sometimes be considered wider than the columns of the other orders.


The base of the column is where the shaft rests. These types of columns base are unadorned and may be circular or square-shaped.


The capital is the top part of the column. The column’s capital is also simple and unadorned. It is not like other decorative columns pillars from other orders that have ornate designs.

Modern Use in Interior and Exterior

Military buildings and other government structures prefer Tuscan columns because of their simple design. Today, custom columns in the Tuscan style are still very widely used. They are in both the interior and exterior of buildings. Some of the modern uses of columns include:


These columns are excellent for supporting a building’s interior. The simple design makes it a perfect fit for a variety of interior designs. The unadorned pillars easily match whatever aesthetic the owner wants to install inside the building. They are in both residential and commercial structures.


In establishments, columns are often used to give an unassuming but glamorous exterior. The simplicity of the columns paired with the exterior design of a building can give a majestic look. In commercial buildings, these are often used for supporting high ceilings and roofs. In residential structures, columns are often used in porticos, porches, lanais, terraces, and more.

These columns rely on the fact that they are simple and unadorned. Its simplicity makes it an excellent fit for various styles, all while giving off an elegant look. Consider getting customized columns in the Tuscan style if you want a simple but majestic design.

Make Your Home or Establishment More Enchanting with Columns

These columns have a way of making a place look glamorous while keeping it simple. If this is the style you want, Realm of Design can create your custom columns for you.

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