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How to Order

Just follow our easy steps to complete your order today!

1. Decide on Design and Style
You will want to decide what style or pieces your are considering, but feel free to contact us for design consulting.

 2. Place your order
With the help of our knowledge staff we can then put together a complementary quote or place an order at our online store. We encourage you to call us to discuss your project regardless of what stage you are in. With a few simple questions, we can quickly determine your project requirements and try to keep you on schedule.

 3. Shop Drawings, Color and Texture, and Approval
Once your order has been placed a shop drawing will then be create to the specs of your design (if necessary) as well as any custom sculpting or designing will be submitted by photos. Once the shop drawing has been approved and color/ texture of the material (click here to view materials) have been chosen, then we can start the manufacturing process. A 50% deposit will be due at this time.

 4. Manufacturing
Manufacturing times can vary, but most jobs will process between 2-4 weeks. (Please call to verify based on the size of your project)

5. Final Payment and Shipping
After manufacturing has finished, a final payment will be due and shipping will be set up. Realm of Design has shipped all over the world and will make he shipping process as simple as possible. Local pickup is also available.

6. Project Installation
Our commitment to you goes beyond the shipping of your project.  Our products have been developed for a trouble-free installation by any competent stonemason.  Technical assistance is just a phone call away if you will be managing your own installation.

 7. Installer Referral
We can refer you to an experienced installer.  Our referral will put you in touch with a professional stone installer that has installed literally dozens of Realm of Design projects.


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