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Brass and Copper Details in Design and Architecture

Brass and copper details in design and architecture are two very popular materials which are used for details in a number of designs. Interior designers know how to use brass or copper as a perfect way to accent other design elements. Though these materials don’t play as big a part as they once did in home design, they can give a very specific look that is hard to recreate using other materials. Brass and copper are sometimes very popular, other times slightly less popular, but metals like this are never really ‘out’ of fashion.

Historically, copper was used a lot in larger architecture rather than just being used for detailing. Of course, it is quite nice to look at! However, it was chosen more for the fact that it was really durable, not susceptible to the weather and was also pretty easy to mold into complicated shapes.

What details are usually made with brass or copper?

The details which commonly use these types of metals are handles. We’re very used to seeing a brass door handle or knocker. Historic items that make interesting talking points also include candlesticks and coasters, but there are a lot more items in the modern era which are available made out of copper or brass. Things like bins, shelves and even full shelving units can be made out of copper and they have something of an art-deco feel to them.

Other items we’ve seen made out of brass or copper, or materials which compliment brass and copper, include clocks, lamps and things like letter holders and stationary holders. Depending on which room you are decorating, you can find brass and copper items. In the modern age of manufacturing, there is more being produced than ever.

Are copper and brass expensive?

When we talk about copper and brass, we aren’t talking about solid metal necessarily. Brass and copper plating can be a good alternative. Solid brass specifically can be pretty expensive. However, the tones of brass and copper can be achieved without actually having to buy the metals specifically. Rosy metallic items may market themselves as being copper and brass designs due to their tone.

If money is not a huge concern then you can opt for some amazing Scandinavian brass items which look and feel fantastic, and are built to last many years.

What design styles use brass and copper details

Design elemets

Brass and Copper stylings don’t have a specific school of decor or interior design attached to them, but you probably wouldn’t associate these with any ultramodern look. Any design which is trying to bring some warmth to the home can achieve this with a touch of brass or copper.

Brass and copper have such warmth that they can look incredible when used along with rich woods such as mahogany and oak furniture. A classic design would be a dining room with an oak table and chairs, which could be used alongside copper and brass details such as door handles, candlesticks, and even clocks or placemats and other home accessories.

Brass and copper are also known for going very well with marble. Naturally, if you are going for a more classic look, marble or marble effect sideboards or fireplaces can be complemented with these styles of metal details.

If you are brave enough for a darker design such as using black for your wallpapers or even for a feature wall, you can punctuate this by using brass features.

Alternatively, if you use brass and copper in bathrooms or kitchens it can give a really traditional look. Copper specifically being used in these rooms can give a historic look which looks great in older houses. Taps and sinks are yet another place for you to decide whether you want to use brass or copper finishes for an impressive look.


There is no denying that these metals have come back into fashion in a big way in recent years. Whether you want to add some funky fittings to a modern interior design or you have an older building that you want to accentuate with some genuine, warm copper and brass finishes then including one of these rosy metals can be a great way to make a statement with your design.