Kitchen Design

5 Kitchen Design Solutions for Your Home

Kitchen design solutions, when done right, can make an incredibly huge difference to your home. The kitchen is one area people love to congregate, and it can be good for eating and drinking as well as just preparing food. The kitchen is functional, sure, but some beautiful kitchen ideas can make all the difference and turn it into a room where you want to spend as much time as possible.

We’ve put together some kitchen design solutions in this post, which can help spark your inspiration to look into sprucing up your own kitchen.

Add a kitchen island

kitchen designKitchen islands have an extremely glamorous look in almost any kitchen. Adding an island can create a central point for people who wish to congregate, too, and ensure you can face the same direction. Whether you’re looking for a breakfast bar or a full table design, an island can help. It can also be an extra place to prepare food.

Kitchen islands come in all sorts of designs and can add a luxury feel to your kitchen. You can use slate, marble or granite on the surface if you wish to add even more of a classic and interesting design. Kitchen islands open up opportunities for different styles of lighting and accessories and details, too. You can even get custom countertops to match your island and keep that consistent design theme going.

Correspond flooring with walls and ceiling

Thematic consistency always gives a well-rounded feel to a design, it is a great way to ensure that whatever look you go for feels deliberate and planned, rather than just being cobbled together.

The floors, walls and ceiling should all be seen as one aspect of the very foundation of your design. Choose materials, textures and colors which will work together. If you opt for lots of different wood designs or colors of cabinet and surface, for instance, it can look terrible. Similarly, a green-tiled luxury flooring with a red or purple surface design could look overly loud and inconsistent. A stone kitchen sink with metal fittings in other parts of the room may start to look unintentional and poorly thought-out.

Add useful Kitchen Details

Some kitchen design solutions can be sparked by the details. There is always more that you can buy to spruce up your kitchen, and many accessories and details that all play a part in the design, from the kettle and jars you may have on the countertop, to large structural aspects like kitchen hoods. These details should all stay in a similar theme, but can be a good chance to add interest to your room and create a feature.

Kitchen details go further than just peripherals and things you buy for your kitchen. Fixtures and fittings including the faucets and door handles have their own impact on the way things look.

Gather Lots of Design Inspiration First

kitchen design solutionsBeautiful kitchen ideas are not hard to come by in the modern age. We have so many resources, including Realm of Design, where you can go to find kitchen design ideas which will suit your home.

Don’t just go for the first one that jumps out. You can create a mood board and think about what themes will look good in your home before jumping into the design itself.

Take Care with Colors

Finding the right color scheme is vital, and finding one which will go with things like your fixtures and fittings, cooker and cooker hood and fridge is essential. There are a lot of things to fit into a kitchen, and most of them will probably be manufactured by different companies. It is down to you to match up colors.

Use a color wheel to make sure the colors you go for are complimentary. You can also learn about warm and cool colors and decide which sort of design you want to go for in your kitchen.

No matter where in the world you live, or how big or small your home is, it is vital that you take some time thinking about the kitchen design. The kitchen will see a lot of traffic, and you should make it look and feel like somewhere you want to spend time.