Testimonials - Realm of Design Inc.


Tanya Paxton Knutson-Davidson
Beautiful old world/greenworld designs , what a fantastic way to make the world a better place, making it prettier and greener!!!LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!

Becca Hart Levine
We saw Realm of Design on This New House with Amy Matthews and went right to the website to check it out. We fell in love with the designs and the company and ordered one for ourselves. It shipped in no time and was perfect in every way. It took us a while to install the product ourselves, but every moment was worth it. It’s GORGEOUS!

Mike Gaukroger
I used to work here when I lived in Vegas back in 96-97, Scott (the owner) is the nicest guy you could ever meet along with his wonderful wife and kids. I should have taken him up on the partnership in the concrete division when I had the chance…. Miss you guys and thanks for being GREAT PEOPLE! Mike Gaukroger

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