Throughout history, extensive use of columns on the interior and exterior of a building was the most characteristic feature of classic architecture. In fact, Columns and Pillars have been a component of architecture as early as 2600BC when they were used by the ancient Egyptians primarily as decorative support structures. Fast track to 2013 where these fundamental pieces of architecture are being used mostly for embellishment rather than engineering.
Designers and architects looking to make a space more interesting and not just cover a structural support, incorporate decorative columns (or pillars as some may call them). Whether it be ceiling-to-floor columns or smaller free-standing pillars, these architectural accents provide a variety of looks and are a smart choice for someone wanting to add sophistication and elegance to a dwelling. Decorative Interior Columns are used frequently as room dividers to add balance, create accents and add rustic flair —especially when combined with architectural arches and an Old World style fireplace mantel. If an area of a room needs shielding due to exposed wiring or plumbing, a free-standing column can be a great concealer while serving as a functional pedestal for flowers, statues and vases.
Outdoor Exterior columns are visually compelling and enhances a home’s architecture and landscape.  They can boost curb appeal and refine a home’s entryway and/or patio. These aesthetically pleasing Columns can be customized by Realm of Design with assortment shapes, colors and/or textures to compliment the structure’s architecture and transcend the home’s beauty. They also provide a perfectly classy transition from the patio to the landscape. Columns / Pillars are one of the few architectural elements that can also be decorated. They are commonly graced with garland, lights, foliage and/ or ivy. This can give the columns additional character and a unique presence.
All of the Custom Architectural Columns / Pillars by Realm of Design are manufactured at our Las Vegas facility.


The most popular trend in kitchen countertops is the ever so versatile concrete countertop. Concrete kitchen countertops have become all the rage for many different reasons. For starters, they are customizable to any shape or size. So if you have or need an unusually shaped countertop—concrete is definitely the way to go. The concrete can also be personalized with the color and finish of your choice. Because each concrete countertop from Realm of Design is custom made and precast in our Las Vegas facility, inlays of metal or other decorative pieces, can be embedded to tailor-make your luxurious countertop even more unique.
kitchen countertop
Being versatile, concrete countertops compliment any home décor style. The sleek concrete facade reflects an industrial look appearing chic within a contemporary/modern setting. To exemplify a fashionable kitchen, combine a concrete countertop with stainless steel appliances and modern fixtures. These diverse countertops can transition beautifully into a classic or traditional décor setting because of the concrete’s natural stone — especially when paired with rustic wood cabinets and bronze accents. For the Green of heart, Concrete Countertops have an added benefit of having a sustainable eco-friendly option when GreenStone, our patented material that uses recycled glass and flyash, is utilized in the aggregate.

So if you are looking for an attractive, durable, high-quality countertop, crossover to a Realm of Design Custom Concrete Countertop. Your kitchen will thank you.


Home remodeling projects are typically done to improve a home’s aesthetic appearance and/ or to improve a home’s value. And although most projects are done hoping to get a good cost-to-value ratio or at least break even, there really is only one renovation that seems to have the strongest factor for adding the highest value to the home…and that is the remodeling of the exterior front entryway.
house with columns
The dramatic improvement of a home’s front entryway not only offers the the benefit of having the highest cost-to-value ratio, but the visible benefit of giving the home a facelift. A beautifully remodeled front entryway provides character to the home by adding style and sophistication.. This creates instant property value by adding curb appeal. The more impressive the front entry way—the higher the value. Realm of Design architectural accents certainly help add curb appeal. Our custom trim, moldings, columns and other exterior elements can really make a front entryway look striking.
front entryway
So if you’ve caught the home remodeling bug, consider renovating your front entryway if you want to improve the property’s value and make the home stand out. Remember… Renovate to Appreciate.


If you would like to add a rich and elegant look to your new home, then you may want to consider adding some Old World Style to your new diggs. By definition, this Style reflects the Italian and French renaissance period of the 16th and 17th centuries. The design and décor are influenced by a mix of French Country, Tuscan and Mediterranean styles. Old World Style can also incorporate some medieval and Gothic designs as well.
A homeowner can add Old World Style to their home’s architecture by including arched doorways and rich ornate molding. Columns and pillars also add an element of sophistication. Exposed beams combined with distressed aged stone pieces will create the rustic warm ambiance of a centuries-old European Country Villa. For added luster, a Realm of Design customized majestic fireplace mantel along with a their concrete floor tiles made to look like wood will perfectly compliment the tasteful style genre.
To complete the refined look—accessorize. Old World Style decoration accessory pieces are typically aged, worn and distressed. They are also oversized. Many of the Antique Wrought Iron accessories and Fireplace Fenders Realm of Design offers in the Online Store are indignant to this style and time period.


For the past couple of years, the Kitchen reigned as the most preferred room to remodel. But dominating as the most popular home improvement project to kick start the 2013 year off has been the remodeling of the bathroom.
White Furniture Bathroom
Customers are opting to start the 2013 year by transforming their bathroom into a divine dwelling. This is achieved by customizing their bathroom design with beautiful concrete tile and durable stone pieces. Projects include replacing traditional ceramic tile floors with custom concrete flooring and adding Stone counter tops, Columns, and Vanities. Custom Art pieces are also being included in bathroom remodeling projects. For those that favor turning their bathroom into more of a private oasis or serene spa, an ambient fireplace is added. A bathroom can be remodeled into a luxurious room while being green at the same time. This can be achieved by electing to use Green and Gorgeous materials like Realm of Design’s GreenStone which contains recycled glass and other recycled materials. Bathroom Design Fixtures also have eco-friendly options when they contain recycled metals in the fixture designs.
Luxury bath design Bathroom Rope Columns  Bronze Sink Design
Constructing a luxurious bathroom will not only be more inviting and enjoyable for you but it will boost the value of your home, according to Kitchen and Bath News. So if you are considering putting your home on the market, a bathroom remodel will not only gain equity in your property but it will create a memorable room for potential buyers.

Realm of Design Trending on YAHOO!

Realm of Design infamous beer bottle building, The Morrow Royal Pavilion, has been such a popular topic on Yahoo! that is has been trending for more than 2 days!  The web traffic to our site has been crazy so sorry if you are having a hard time getting on our website.   Here is the link to the Yahoo! article in case you missed it.

Realm of Design to Showcase GreenStone at WOC 2013

If you are one of the expected 50,000+ people that will be attending the upcoming World of Concrete ( WOC 2013 ) show in Las Vegas Feb 5-8, 2013, make it a point to stop by the Realm of Design Booth (N1518) to see the company’s patented GreenStone product.  The building material known as GreenStone is comprised of recycled glass beer bottles from the Las Vegas Strip and fly ash.  The company will be showcasing its beautiful architectural products that can be made with the eco-friendly aggregate.  The World of Concrete will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Elegance is always in style. Now add grace and sophistication and you have the ingredients for 2013’s hot interior design trends.
The best way to apply these style trends to an interior is to start by adding Vintage pieces. The growing Vintage trend has crossed over from Haute Couture on the red carpet to inside the home. This reigns true with furniture, architectural accents, and accessories. Vintage items exhibit a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. Also, vintage pieces can instantly add charm to any room.
Bottle Holder
Antiques are another way to incorporate elegance into a room setting. Especially when antique furniture is coupled with antique art pieces and/or accessories. For those of you wondering the difference between vintage and antique pieces… In a nutshell, antiques are older. Typically, vintage and antique items should be genuine and authentic, like many of the rare pieces carried in the Realm of Design Showroom. But due to their scarceness, this isn’t always possible. So Realm of Design has a solution. Even if an item is not genuinely vintage or antique, it can be made to look like it is. This can be done easily by having architectural accents and/or accessories custom made by Realm of Design and opting for an “aged look” finish on the pieces. This will give the illusion of being an “antique” – especially when creating fireplace mantels, art pieces, sculptures, furniture and fireplace accessories.
In fact, if you have a vintage or antique item (or have seen an item in a magazine) and you would like to replicate it, Realm of Design can create or re-create a replica for you. Original and replicated pieces are museum quality pieces and sure to become a timeless work of art that will add class to your home style. And like elegance, class never goes out of style.
Realm of Design carries authentic genuine vintage and antique pieces as well as customized original art pieces. Be sure and visit the online store to view some of the fine works of art.

Realm of Design a Highlight of IBS 2013

Update:  Realm of Design was listed as a Top Trend of the International Builders Show ( IBS 2013 ) Las Vegas 2013.
If you happen to be attending the NAHB IBS (National Association of Home Builders International Builders Show) in Las Vegas, make it a point to stop by the Realm of Design booth and check out some of our great products.  The booth is located in the North Hall — booth N2866 and is one of the best looking booths at the show and truly a highlight of the show.  The show is located at the Las Vegas Convention Center and goes January 22-24, 2013.  We look forward to seeing you in IBS 2013.
ibs show realm booth

Benefits of Beautifying with Bronze

Bronze is a timeless metal that has been utilized by cultures since 400 BC. Jump to the current millennium where bronze is still one of the most popular metals utilized– especially when it comes to home decorating.
metal fireplace
Bronze is popular because it is one of the most versatile in its appearance, therefore, it can compliment any style design. Bronze has a natural blackened rustic look in its crude form. When cast in a piece, it appears aged which consequently gives a distinct antique finish. The antiquity adds elegance and sophistication to any interior. Bronze can also be polished to expose a contemporary shiny and glossy look. A benefit of Bronze is that it is strong and durable so it can be utilized in a myriad of bronze decor items. These include statues, sculptures, furniture hardware, lighting, sconces, Fireplace fenders, inlays and more. Bronze decor has the added benefit of resisting corrosion so it makes for a great choice in creating architectural trim and accents.
bronze decor bronze embelishment
Bronze adds a unique beauty which implies luxury, class, and style. Rich Bronze pieces add depth and warmth to a room without overpowering it. Bronze is also an ageless classic metal that can be recycled by melting it down and recasting it into other elements and/or pieces. So Bronze remains a beneficial sustainable décor choice that will beautify rooms for many millenniums to come.
bronze design
Check out Realm of Design’s beautiful custom bronze works of art in EMBELLISHMENTS section of the ONLINE STORE.