If you are remodeling your home and looking to add some oomph to a room, try highlighting a wall with stone veneers/ pavers. Adding custom stone wall veneers / pavers creates texture and depth to a normally flat boring surface, consequently providing instant interest and character to the wall–and ultimately space. By emphasizing a wall with a dramatic eye-catching stone effect, it creates a unique fashionable interior design that exudes class and grace. With a variety of finishes offered, the ready clean look of stone will compliment any home style, including traditional as well as contemporary and modern.

wall veneers by Realm of Design

Realm of Design cast stone wall pavers and veneers may look and feel like real stone. However, they are manufactured with a light-weight, yet tough and durable polyurethane material that can stand up to wear and tear. And because precast / cast stone wall pavers are less than half the weight of their genuine stone counterpart, they are much easier to install and can virtually be used to accent any wall or structure—including the ceiling. They are also remarkably easy to clean and maintain.


The decorative stone wall pavers provide form and function. Due to their beauty, durability and easy to clean nature, these complimentary wall accents make great kitchen back-splashes and fireplace over-mantels.

kitchen back splash wall paversFlorentine Bali



Adding Architectural Faux Wood Beams to an interior ceilings has become increasingly popular in 2013 due to the beam’s versatility, functionality and of course…attractiveness. These architectural accents are typically added to a ceiling to add warmth and character to a room. The beams can be painted or stained your favorite wood color to add a beautiful,dramatic, rustic look. Whether affixed a flat ceiling or vaulted, they heighten the room’s attractiveness. The enhanced ceiling will bring elevated depth and texture to an ordinary flat room.


Although they may look like real wood, a handy benefit of these imitation Eco-friendly beauties is that they can conceal exposed wiring and/or pipes. Furthermore, because faux wood beams are made with lightweight polyurethane instead of heavy genuine wood, these tree-savers are easy to install and are virtually maintenance-free. You won’t have to worry about bugs setting up shop in these aesthetic architectural details.

Faux wood beams by Realm of Design Las Vegas

Since the complimentary look of wood is timeless, faux wood beams can be utilized to embellish a home’s exterior ceiling as well. Furthermore, these decorative architectural details are a fairly inexpensive way to add style as well as value to a home. Therefore, faux wood beams not only elevate your ceilings but they can heighten your home’s equity.

exterior faux wood beams and ceiling by Realm of Design

View more  Faux Wood Beams customized for  Las Vegas and Los Angeles homes by Realm of Design in our Galleries section.


 A custom fireplace should be considered the focal point of a room, so why not transform your ordinary fireplace into the most visually exquisite architectural element of your home? Updating a mediocre fireplace into an admirable architectural accent will not only update your room’s décor but it will add value to your property.


The preferred way to give your out-dated fireplace a facelift is to add a new mantel or fireplace surround. And if you really want to create a bold statement, combine it with an over-mantel as well. These decorative items directly improve the appearance of a home’s interior (or exterior) while creating a more luxurious dwelling.

Fleur-de-lis mantel, surround and over mantel

 Fireplace designs and trends can vary year to year, however, the classic styles still remain the most popular custom fireplace trend in 2013 due to its versatility and style longevity. Realm of Design fireplace mantels and surrounds can be customized to suit any style or taste. The company also offers a selection of different fireplace finishes, including Aged Stone which is ideal for those that wish to incorporate Old World Style into their home’s decor. Since being Green is also popular, Realm of Design offers an Eco-friendly building material option (GreenStone) which utilizes recycled glass.

custom patio fireplace by Realm of Design

No matter what unique fireplace style or design you choose to improve your room’s setting in 2013, it is sure to be adorned for many years to follow.



One of the most popular and easiest ways to amplify attractiveness to home and emphasize its architecture is to add moldings. Whether it’s crown molding added to the home’s interior or architectural trim used to accent an exterior entryway, it will upgrade the home and add to its value.

custom molding by Realm of Design

Molding is a handsome architectural accent/detail that draws attention creating interest and character. An eye-catching custom molding enriches a space and can make a dwelling more engaging. Custom Architectural trim and molding can even transform a ho-hum habitat into a charming chateau.


When adding molding for aesthetic appeal, remember that it should match the overall style of the home. A traditional style home can accrue Old world style and sophistication by incorporating regal ornate crown molding along the ceiling, while a modern home design can add appeal and distinction by featuring molding with clean simple lines. Ceiling height also needs to be considered when accentuating with crown molding to achieve proper emphasis and effect.


Realm of Design custom cast stone molding and other precast architectural elements are sure to amplify, emphasize and add value to your home. Visit ‘Moldings and Copings’ in the Galleries for architectural inspiration.

entryway molding trim by Realm of Design

All of Realm of Design’s custom precast molding is designed and manufactured at our Las Vegas Nevada facility.



A staircase can define the home and set the style tone. It’s what one typically sees first upon gracing a residence through the front entryway. It can either make a great intoxicating impression or be ignored and regarded as just a passageway to get to the next level. Realm of Design believes a stairwell should be more than a functional access way, it should be spectacular.

balustrades, stair railings

Stairs may be necessary in multilevel homes but they don’t have to be stale. A conventional average home can be upgraded –in value and in viewing– by transforming a boring plain flight of stairs into an eye-catching signature staircase. Distinctive Stairs designed with custom balusters gives a home more than just a facelift, it creates a bold statement of elegance, sophistication and class.

Web Shots 062PS

A Custom designed staircase with a hand-crafted ornate banister is considered a beautiful architectural art form and should be unique and dramatic. Custom stairs should reflect the homeowner’s taste and personality. However, when designing and creating your dream staircase, keep in mind that it should fit within the style of the house as well– because it will become the home’s signature.

custom double stairs by Realm of Design

Realm of Design has designed and created many interior and exterior custom stairs and staircases with custom banisters and balustrade systems in Las Vegas,  Los Angeles and San Diego. To view some of these spectacular showpieces—including the stairs seen on HGTV Extreme Homes — visit STAIRCASES in Galleries.

The Fascinating Fleur de lis


One of the most versatile and recognizable symbols is the Fleur de lis. But what is it and why is society fascinated with it? For starters, let’s get the correct pronunciation out of the way- FLUHR DUH LEE. And it’s meaning… translated from French to English is “Flower of the Lily.”

fluer de lis emblems

This historical and mysterious flower symbol has roots with 18th century French Royalty/ Monarchy. Historians believe that the three petals represented the medieval social classes –those who worked, those who fought and those who prayed. French literature states that the emblem was displayed on coats, flags and crests throughout French History.

fluer de lis over mantel

Christianity holds another accepted anecdotal tie to the symbol. Early Roman Catholics associated the Fleur de lis with the Virgin Mary believing it to be synonymous with purity and chaste, while other Christians regarded the three-pointed symbol to represent the Holy Trinity.

New Orleans adopted the symbol when French explorers founded Nouvelle Orleans in 1717. Today, the symbol can be seen throughout the city’s French Quarter. In fact, the New Orleans Saints proudly wear the symbol on their football uniform.  Modern day affiliations of the symbol identify it with pride, power, bravery and strength—which is why some US Army military branches and police departments wear the emblem on their uniform sleeve.

Fluer de lis fireplace -Florenzia

No matter what its affiliation or meaning, homeowners relish the beautiful majestic emblem by decorating with it. For this reason, the Fleur de lis can be found in many architectural pieces and home décor accessories. The architectural relic is widely displayed in decorative fireplace designs, wall art, flooring and tile. Metal and stone make ideal canvasses for the classic design.


Give your home a sense of royalty and regal distinction, incorporate the Fleur de lis into your next decorative design.

Furnish Your Home with Serenity—Add a Fountain


Las Vegas and fountains go hand-in-hand. In fact, many casino resorts are known for their fountains…the Bellagio fountains, Caesars Palace fountains—just to name a few. These celebrated attractions bring a sense of balance and harmony to the property and its visitors. Now on a smaller scale, you may not be looking to turn your home into a tourist attraction, but the idea of bringing a sense of comfort to your property is still the same.

wall fountain

Relaxing in a peaceful room or enjoying a yard is a favorite past-time of many homeowners. That harmonious experience can be elevated by adding your own enchanting fountain to your dwelling. This decorative detail will soothe the soul with its tranquil sound of trickling water and aesthetic beauty. Popular locations of home fountains are in the garden, on the patio, courtyard or even added to the pool. They come in all shapes and sizes, however the most popular fountain design is the multi-level tiered style that is fashioned after Greek and Roman architecture. Reminiscent of the Baroque period, this fountain design is aesthetically alluring and projects an aura of rich elegance as well as sophistication to a home.

custom outdoor fountain

The natural beauty of a fountain can be enhanced by decorating it with flowers, stones, glass, and/or statues. To create a statement piece, lights, candles and even fire can be added to transform the serene element into an eye-catching main-attraction that is sure to be the center of attention and draw people in…just like the fountains in Las Vegas.


Visit the Fountains Gallery to view a sample of custom Fountains by Realm of Design Las Vegas.

See Realm of Design’s Personal Home on HGTV "Extreme Homes" this Sunday!!

The HGTV hit TV show “Extreme Homes” that features amazing and unusual homes will air a new episode featuring Realm of Design owner’s eco-friendly mansion that utilized recycled materials, mainly glass beer bottles, in many of its beautiful yet uncommon home designs.  The homeowners, Scott and Cindy McCombs, are a Las Vegas couple that own the Architectural Elements company, Realm of Design, in Henderson (Las Vegas) NV. The McCombs are an artistic couple that are in the business of beautifying homes and making them special for their clients. But it was the uniqueness of their own home that caught the attention of HGTV’s Extreme Homes.
Over the years Scott and Cindy have added many of their own personal design touches to their family home making it unique or “Extreme” as some might call it. Some of these extreme details include a pirate ship in their backyard along side a multi-level pool that was intended for scuba diving.   Some viewers may find it hard to believe that such a divine majestic fireplace was made out of recycled glass or that the home’s custom kitchen countertop and door handles were forged with recycled metals. The house is loaded with exquisite details that were all designed and constructed by the McCombs.  Their fascinating home is proof that architectural elements can be green and gorgeous at the same time.  HGTV may call it Extreme, Scott and Cindy just call it home.  The McCombs and their home will amaze the the show’s viewers.
The Extreme Home’s episode featuring the McCombs’ Las Vegas home will air Sunday April 14th 2013 at 8pm e/p but check your local listings to confirm.  The episode is called Dragon, Spaceship, Teepee and is labeled Episode HEXHS-311H.


If you are looking to give your kitchen a facelift, then replace that boring, standard, conventional, kitchen range hood with a custom decorative showpiece. Adding a decorative kitchen range hood is a popular kitchen design trend in 2013 because it takes the heart of your home from drab to dazzling. In fact, the kitchen hood is no longer thought of as just a kitchen appliance but rather the kitchen’s decorative focal point. As the kitchen’s architectural centerpiece, it’s not only decorative but functional. Kitchen range hoods provide ventilation of excess cooking smoke. And everyone knows– it’s quite annoying when the smoke alarm falsely goes off because of uncontained smoke while cooking
Picture 012
There are many decorative styles of kitchen hoods to consider when renovating your kitchen. Contemporary, Traditional, Tuscan / Mediterranean styles can all be considered. But ideally the design should reflect your personality and personal style in addition to complimenting the overall look of the room. Realm of Design Kitchen range hoods can be customized to flatter your taste with the variety of shapes ,sizes and colors offered. However, Earth-tones still remain the popular color choice for the kitchen’s major architectural accent.
paulos hood NEW
So make the decision to dress up your kitchen. You won’t just be renovating the room, you will be rejuvenating it. For inspiration and more information, visit the Kitchen Hoods Gallery page on this website.   All Realm of Design kitchen hoods are custom designed, manufactured and hand-crafted by in-house artisans in Las Vegas, NV USA.


If you are looking to add charm and elegance to your backyard landscape, a gazebo may be the perfect addition. A gazebo is an aesthetically pleasing covered open structure that is the foremost place to relax and enjoy the scenery and peacefulness of your yard. The extended outdoor living space is also an excellent place to entertain guest, have a BBQ, take family photos or host a wedding. The shade and shelter from the outdoor elements a dome-top gazebo provide make it a choice area to put cushioned furniture and/ or a hot tub. Parlay lights, fans and a walkway of pavers to enhance the functionality of your recreational area. Furthermore, decorating with columns, planters and flowers will add character to your gazebo and are splendid finishing touches to make it your own personal oasis.
Because a gazebo highlights a yard and has multifunctional uses, it is an excellent selling point if you are looking to put your home on the market.  So, an attractive gazebo not only improves the appearance of the property but improves the home’s value.
Realm of Design in  Las Vegas can customize an enjoyable gazebo that will bring a sense of calm and serenity to you –and your backyard. A tranquil gazebo will create your own personal parkland that is sure to become your new favorite spot.