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If you are architecturally remodeling your home and have heard the term GRFC tossed around, you may be wondering what exactly it is. Well, GFRC is an acronym for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. It is a composite material that consists of Portland cement, fine aggregate, water, additives, color pigments and most importantly—GLASS. This popular glass reinforced material can be used to replace standard concrete in architectural designs, facades, and elements. Even some engineering projects utilize GFRC in its designs because of the material’s many benefits.

exterior molding and columns

The main advantage of GFRC over standard concrete is the composite’s lightweight attributes. On average, GFRC is 10X lighter than concrete. Because of the significant weight difference, the glass reinforced material is more economical, easier and faster to install. It also allows the composite to be cast in unlimited shapes and designs—including 3D designs. But this lightweight substitute for heavy concrete is not slight in the durable department. GFRC has proven to be extremely durable and resilient. It can stand up to weather elements like heavy rain, wind, scorching sun, and salt-water environments. As for winter, it is even more freeze-thaw resistant than standard concrete so it won’t shrink as much as regular concrete.

GFRC fireplace

Other advantages of GFRC include that it looks completely natural– just like real carved stone or limestone (without the weight of course) and its flexible strength. Because of the mixture’s moldable nature, it can be cast into beautiful architectural designs that will last a very long time. Artisan designers appreciate the creative freedom the material affords them. And because GFRC is cast/precast, it allows for fine artistic details to be sculpted into architectural elements such as fireplace mantels, kitchen hoods or any other custom architectural project. Common exterior architectural accents that benefit from utilizing GFRC are columns, copings, balustrades, wall caps, and pavers.

end cap

Realm of Design manufactures and incorporates GFRC, as well as our patented eco-friendly recycled glass material GreenStone, into our unique architectural pieces created at our Las Vegas facility.