Wooden furniture design


Home Furniture accessories come in so many different forms and elements, it was hard to narrow the selection down to just three when deciding the must-haves. But with Fall right on our heels, these pieces contain a classic beauty that added warmth and elegance to any space. Therefore, they are the top must-haves!

 1. Hand Carved Wooden Table–such as Realm of Design’s Brazilian Jatoba Cherry wood table, are true works of art.  A Hand Carved Wooden Table is a bold statement piece that can reinvent a room.  It’s fashionable and functional—it is a table after all.  The table can furnish and decorate living spaces that are modern to classic (and everything in between.) The workmanship and artistry that goes into hand hewing and carving a table out of wood are extensive which is just one of many elements that make the table quite special. The wood utilized in The Brazilian Jatoba Wood table is reclaimed, therefore it is a sustainable piece that will add beauty and be eco-friendly. A hand-carved table will become your home’s signature piece. When selecting a decorative carved wooden table, the table size should be appropriate to the room size.  If you have a large space—Go Big.  A Hand Carved Wooden Table purchase will be an investment that will leave you and your guests asking the question “Is it Art or are it Furniture?”

2. Antique Iron Candle Stick Holders— these can be the perfect finishing piece. The natural rustic wrought iron can add a touch of romance and historical French influence to any room setting. Antique Iron Candle Stick Holders are a favorite of collectors because of the artistic hand forged detail put into each piece. These distinct candlestick holders are also useful and durable. When purchasing Antique Iron Candlestick holders, make sure they are genuine and authentic antiques.  Typically, they should be more than 100 years old.  Antique Iron Candle Stick Holders will be the perfect antique piece that you will treasure and want to keep in your family and hand down for generations to come.

antique iron candlestick holder

  3. Wall Embellishment – This is the most important decorating piece to have if you are looking to add depth and dimension to a room. A Wall embellishment does more than just take up wall space, it creates a statement which sets the mood of the room. The decorative element can be bold even though the color of your embellishment may be neutral. This is beneficial because the piece can typically go with any wall color. And Wall Embellishments not only make your room look unique, but it also makes it look expensive. Realm of Design offers a variety of Wall Embellishments in their online store or feel free to design your own customized piece.  When selecting your Wall embellishment, keep in mind the size of your wall. Pieces can vary is size, shape, depth, and weight. The idea is to decorate the room, not overtake it!

 Fleur de lis

Large Fleur de Lis Shield Wall Embellishment