Outdoor Fireplace in trees


The hottest trend in outdoor furnishings and accessories is the addition of an outdoor fireplace.  This popular trend, which has had an ever-growing demand over the past 5 years, has really been thriving in 2013 and here are some of the reasons why…

outdoor patio fireplace


For starters, the outdoor fireplace creates an outdoor room which extends a home’s usable square footage and living space. This makes the expanded space the perfect location to enjoy a quiet cozy night outdoors or entertain guests.  With a customized mantel and surround, the functional focal point will highlight your patio and instantly give your backyard an upscale look.  And the rustic ambiance the centerpiece creates provides a relaxing environment which can be enjoyed during the day as well as night-time.


outdoor fireplace 1


These beautiful backyard accents not only add drama to an outdoor space, but they also add value. According to the NAHB, an outdoor fireplace adds an average of $3500 to a home’s value. Additionally, because of its elegant flair and value, a fireplace outside is one of the most sought after features in luxury homes.


patio fireplace


Furthermore, with more and more cities banning outdoor fire-pits and bonfires, especially in dryer climates, the outdoor fireplace is a practical choice. And with the ease of igniting gas burning fireboxes with the flick of a switch, these dream exterior fireplaces are a trend that is here to stay.