Realm of Design inc Green Stone



With the big push for residents and builders to “Go Green” and reduce their carbon footprint, GreenStone has become quite a popular product in the building industry. But first, let’s fill you in on what GreenStone is (for those who may not have heard of the product already.) GreenStone is a patented environmentally-friendly building material that is made from 100% recycled glass and fly ash—as well as a few other renewable ingredients. This eco-friendly material can be used to replace standard concrete in virtually any project. The glass that is utilized and upcycled into GreenStone comes primarily from the discarded alcohol bottles from the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, this patented green architectural stone has already saved over a half million beer bottles from being landfilled.

Greenstone close up

Since its official launch in early 2012, GreenStone has received quite a bit of media attention and was featured on DIY and HGTV. The biggest project that put GreenStone on the map was the construction of the Morrow Royal Pavilion in Las Vegas – Realm of Design’s manufacturing facility. The building project utilized the GreenStone material on its exterior which proved that the concrete replacement can be used on a large scale design as well as withstand the weather elements.

morrow royal pavilion

With the completion of the new manufacturing facility, along with all the media attention, Realm of Design has seen an increase in homeowners and builders wanting to be green, therefore, requesting GreenStone when remodeling their property and/or adding architectural elements (fireplace mantels, columns, embellishments, etc…) Even the Las Vegas casinos are getting on board by adding GreenStone items such as Trash Cans, benches, urns, and the list is growing…

GreenStone Bench

It’s good to see the effort being made by individuals and corporations to be more eco-friendly and recycle instead of landfill. We’ve got a long way to go but the growth of GreenStone certainly is a good start!