Wooden faux beams

The Forecast calls for FAUX!

Now that Fall is upon us, not only can a crackling fire within a beautiful Fireplace Surround warm a room—but so can some Wood Beams. Nothing makes a room feel cozy and warm like the rustic look of wood—Faux Wood. A room decorated with Wood Beams can instantly make a living space feel inviting and comfortable. Faux beams can be used in virtually any interior design setting, but the style utilizing the beams in abundance this season is the trendy Modern Vintage combo style. The rustic chic appeal that the Faux Woods lend to this popular style is enticing because it presents a natural yet fashionable look.
Faux Beams accentuate the ceiling in addition to exuding beauty and warmth to a room setting. But the aesthetic allure is not the only advantage when decorating with Faux Beams, they are also eco-friendly. Although the Realm of Design Faux Wood Beams gives the illusion of solid genuine wood, they are made of Euro-Lite High-Density Foam (HDF) which consist of the highest quality lightweight polyurethane material. Faux wood beams are durable and will last much longer than real wood beams because they are impervious to splitting, moisture, and insects. Also, the beams are virtually maintenance free–this makes them attractive to use when decorating exteriors as well as interiors. Faux Woods is simple to install and can be easily stained favorite wood color.
So choose to be Glamorous and Green this season—Go, Faux! Realm of Design offers a wide selection of Faux Beams, Planks, Shutters, and more.  For more information on Faux  Wood products, download the Euro-Lite Wood Product catalog or call 702-566-1188.