Front entryway


When it comes to selling your home, you will hear the words “Curb Appeal” tossed out a lot by your real estate agent. So what is “Curb Appeal” and why is it important? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s simply getting your house to stand out in your neighborhood and draw the attention of viewers at the curb. If you are selling your home, the idea is to create a “Wow Factor” that appeals to potential buyers which attract them to your house more than your neighbor’s.

Curb appeal is a big selling factor in real estate because it’s ultimately what gives potential buyers their first impression of the home. Enticing homes lure buyers and get them excited to purchase.  So how does a house get curb appeal? The most effective way is to decorate your home’s exterior with Architectural Accents and details (often referred to as Architectural Elements.)

Realm of Design’s Exterior Architectural Accents/ details/ elements can really make a home “pop”.  Decorative Molding Trim beautifies doors and entryways, Shutters enhance and frame windows, Pavers define a walkway, etc… These details are all items that not only compliment the exterior of a home but give it individuality. Realm of Design’s customized architectural details such as ornate balustrades and dramatic columns make a home even more unique and stylish, therefore, making it more aesthetically appealing and ultimately giving it greater Curb Appeal.

 Subsequently, adding Exterior Architectural Accents pay off. Not only will the appealing pieces distinguish your home and help sell it faster (if you are looking to sell) but Exterior Architectural Accents are one of the best home investments. At a relatively low cost, they add value to a property and offer the best return on investment. Essentially, the distinctive pieces pay for themselves and then some. So if you are looking to sell your home…sometimes small details make the biggest difference.

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