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With the popularity of homeowners opting to decorate their homes with a throwback to the older days, the Old World design style is becoming a modern trend that may be here to stay. People are opting for this pleasing rustic design style because it is comfortable and inviting, yet elegant. Basically, homeowners want to create an ambiance with that “lived-in” feeling but have space still look sophisticated.

Myers fireplace

There are a few design essentials to achieve Old World style within your home. The most significant element is to affix exposed wood ceiling beams. (Realm of Design recommends Faux wood ceiling beams because they are light-weight, durable, easy to install and less expensive than genuine wood.) The natural look of a dark wood finish gives a warm coziness to the interior. Another important facet to acquire the style from the past is to add architectural arches to the windows and/or doorways. The shaped arches not only gives an Old World appearance, but characterizes elegance and sophistication. To further enhance the charming style, incorporate ornate, sculpted architectural stone pieces. This can include fireplace mantels, surrounds and molding. Along with stone, forged metal accents with an aged finish will also increase the dwelling’s natural refinement. To exemplify the look, combine the architectural elements with rich wall colors, over-sized leather furniture and velvet fabrics.


Whether it be Old World style or another, when it comes to decorating, (interior) design style trends follow the same rules as (clothing) Fashion style trends: Today’s styles are inspired by the past and style history always repeats itself.