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So many people are opting to rip the carpeting out of their homes because of health reasons and because there are just too many other (better) options. One of the most popular flooring options homeowners preferred when remodeling has been the installation of flooring. Homeowners have realized that concrete floors offer benefits that other flooring materials do not. And Realm of Design offers Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) flooring which is basically a Concrete Tile.  These have even more benefits than regular concrete slab floors.
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Here are the top benefits of concrete floors overall:
Durable – It holds up to heavy foot traffic. And unlike tiles, concrete floors rarely require replacement. In fact, sometimes the imperfections add character to the floor. Also, if you have pets..this is the way to go because their claws won’t blemish the concrete like they would a wood floor.
Versatile – Goes with any room style.
Maintenance — It’s easy to clean. Use mild soap and water with a mop for basic cleaning. You can always wax it to give it a shine. And once again, if you have pets, concrete floors are much easier to clean than carpets.
Environmentally friendly – no trees get cut down for concrete flooring.
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And here are some additional benefits of installing Realm of Design’s Concrete (GFRC) Tile floors:
Installation – Fairly simple.  Pieces can be cut with a tile cutter and can be placed directly over old ceramic tile or concrete floors when installing.
Customize– The Cement Tiles have texture, depth, and designs that can all be customized. GRFC tiles can be made to look like wood, tile or cement.
Sustainable— Can be made with Realm of Design’s GreenStone which is made with recycled glass.
Realm of Design’s GFRC (Concrete) Tiles come in a variety of carpeting styles and designs. We are happy to create a unique customized design for you. Browse more concrete floor designs in the galleries section of the website.
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