Hand sculpted wall decor



The Cartouche is a decorative art form that is rooted in history originating with the Ancient Egyptians. Carved scroll-like oval tablets were attached to the tombs of Egyptian Kings / Queens encircling the Royalty’s names and titles. The historical relic was believed to honor and protect the deceased leaders from evil after death. Today, the cartouche has taken on different forms—literally and figuratively.

Wall Cartouche

Although the Cartouche has evolved from a historical archive into a beautifully sculpted artful accent, it is still meant to create a statement. The ornate wall decoration implies an exquisite artistic expression by distinguishing a room and symbolizing sophistication. Although some nostalgic people still believe that the cartouche represents good luck, its primary present-day purpose is to grace an interior. An embellishment adds elegance to thereupon any wall or entrance way it is affixed to. And the detailed hand-sculpting of these adornments has transformed these architectural accents into true works of art. They are sure to become a conversation piece.

Entryway Cartouche

Realm of Design artisans can sculpt a customized artistic cartouche with a unique design, shape and size to reflect your personal taste and personality. Instead of using heavy rock, like they had to in ancient civilizations, these art pieces are made with 21st century lightweight precast stone material. GreenStone can also be utilized for those who wish to own beautiful eco-friendly art.  All of the Realm of Design architectural cartouche elements are made in Las Vegas Nevada.

scott sculpting cartouche

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