Hand sculpture

Hi-Tech vs The Human-Touch

In an age where a car can now drive itself, some may feel that technology is passing them by, or worse yet–replacing them. Since super computers have enough advanced artificial intelligence to perform many human job-related tasks, this can beg the question of which career positions will still need to be filled with human shoes.
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As many have already seen, computers have already taken over many human’s jobs that involve redundancy and/or manufacturing.  But when it comes to architecture and design, art and creative endeavors in the workplace, humans are harder to replace.  The reason…creativity and innovation start with humans.  Artistic expression is fueled by passion and imagination–both human traits that have yet to be duplicated by a computer.  However, make no mistake–technology does have it’s placed in art.   Computers can be extremely beneficial and valuable to artists as tools that amplify inspiration and creative expression.  In fact, artistic talent is elevated to new levels and amazing results transpire on much grander scales when Hi-Tech tools are combined with a graceful human hand.   But machines can only add to the human-touch,  not replace it.
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This is evident in every custom architectural accent created by Realm of Design’s master artisans.  Realm of Design utilizes the most advanced hi-tech architecture and design tools including 3D scanners, 3D modeling, and a 5-axis Computer Numerical Control machine but it is their artistic vision and hand-sculpting of each piece that makes their architectural elements special and unique.  No computer can duplicate the workmanship and devotion that goes into Realm of Design’s pieces. So as we witness technology taking over more occupations, Realm of Design will stay dedicated to hand-crafting each piece they create with their divine human-touch.
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