Fireplace building process


It’s contagious and it’s tough to overcome. The home remodeling bug seems to be affecting all sorts of homeowners these days! Maybe because it’s a great time of the year to start planning a remodeling project. Winter—which is normally considered off-season– is the perfect time of year to start planning a remodel or renovation. Why? Because successful remodeling projects should be planned at least 2 months in advance and be quite detailed. And Winter is the ideal time to start planning those project details because you will then be ready to start construction in Spring when the weather is warm and the daylight is longer. Winter is also the perfect time of year to secure contract workers because their rates are typically more cost effective and they have more time to spend with you and personally answer your questions. Products can be ordered and/or purchased in the winter to save money as well. Especially if Architectural Accent pieces (Fireplace Surrounds, Mantels, Kitchen Range Hoods, columns, etc..) are being custom made. Realm of Design suggests a lead time of at least a month for measuring, designing, manufacturing and delivery.

In this sluggish economy, many homeowners have understandably been putting off remodeling their homes. But with home values going up, Remodeling Magazine has reported that a homeowner can expect to get the cost/value ratio back on a small to mid-range project. In fact, many homeowners that have been trying to sell their property and have been unsuccessful, have opted to remodel and give the property a more competitive edge in the marketplace. Consequently, even after minimal property remodeling, homeowners have found success in unloading their property.

So whether you are looking to “fix and flip” your property or transform your house it into your dream home, you too may catch the remodeling bug. But remember, the home remodeling bug is no different than the common cold —there is no cure. However, Realm of Design suggests that you take in at least two of our picture galleries and call us in the morning!