fire surrounds


With so many different decorating trends to choose from this fall, the one that seems to be getting designers and their clients excited is the fashionable French style. This trend is gaining popularity because it can be versatile, charming and vogue. With its timeless décor elements complimenting any room design–even contemporary and classic, it’s no wonder it is such a popular interior design style. Those that yearn for a comfortable nesting area with a cozy cottage feel will be drawn to the picturesque Country French fireplace mantel. Its South of France country mix features a touch of nature feel with hand-carved floral accents and a leaf cartouche perfectly combined with Rustic elements and an antique finish. The interior that features this stylish piece is sure to become your favorite room to relax in.

For the cultivated person that prefers a more sophisticated elegant dwelling, add a Parisian Old World Style to your new Interior Design. The romantic Camelot Mantel or detailed Florenzia Fireplace Mantel & Surround will add a dramatic beauty and glamour to any room setting it furnishes. When either of these divine mantels is coupled with the vivid wall color or textured wallpaper, it intensifies the exquisite surrounding that you will look forward to spending time in and will become a focal point to be admired when entertaining guests.

To add some additional indulgence to a French Interior Design, incorporate some French antique accent pieces. Historical 18th and 19th-century accessories reflect an indignant European time period and add an enduring quality to an already aesthetically rich environment. A French Iron antique fireplace fender can be added to any French Style Fireplace. It will complement the room style and make the Mantel centerpiece even more magnificent.

So no need to pack your bags and travel overseas – your love affair with France can start right in your own home.


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