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A top French Television news station, France 5, recently paid a visit to Las Vegas Nevada suburb, Henderson, to film a documentary segment on the infamous Morrow Royal Pavilion aka the Beer Bottle Building–which was constructed with Realm of Design’s patented recycled glass material,GreenStone. The documentary segment will feature the world’s largest building constructed with recycled beer bottles on the station’s popular weekly TV Show “Echo-Logis” focusing on Architectural Green actions and environmental innovation.

The sustainable building, which acts as Realm of Design’s manufacturing facility, gained the attention of the French show producers after reading about it on the internet. They were fascinated by the MRP’s architecture and how the recycled glass building contained over half a million beer bottles from the Las Vegas Strip that were originally destined for the dump. And for France 5, being a news network station that covers and promotes green initiatives, producing a segment on The Morrow Royal Pavilion and Sustainability in Las Vegas seemed an excellent journalistic choice.

The station’s French news crew visited the Morrow Royal Pavilion Thurs. Sept. 12 & Fri. Sept 13, 2013 where they spent both days filming the Booze Building from all camera angles. The crew even filmed some footage using a high-tech drone video camera, looking similar to a miniature helicopter, that captured high-definition video while remotely flying around the building. The segment producers and journalists also interviewed the building’s designer/ builder, and GreenStone inventor, Scott McCombs along with his Realm of Design co-owner and wife, Cindy McCombs to discuss GreenStone and the challenges of promoting green products in Sin City.

The Eco-friendly Morrow Royal Pavilion first made national and international headlines when it was featured on DIY Network show “This New House.” The show illustrated how the patented GreenStone material is manufactured and how it was utilized to construct the Morrow Royal Pavilion as well as other architectural accents Realm of Design manufactures. The popularity of the DIY TV show triggered a media frenzy that included a spot on HGTV’s “Extreme Homes,” as well as news articles published in the Huffington Post, Yahoo News, DailyMail, Inhabitat and TreeHugger just to name a few.

The France 5 Echo-Logis television segment is scheduled to air in December 2013 on the French Network. The exact date and time TBA. More details about the French station and its programs can be found at