Home columns


Columns have come a long way from being solely utilized for structural supports. With the improvement of building and engineering, columns were able to be transitioned from necessary building blocks to decorative architectural accents.


exterior columns


By today’s standards, decorative columns are considered a luxurious detail that adds style and beauty to any home. When the vertical design feature adorns a property’s front porch or entryway, it not only makes the exterior more visually appealing, but it creates greater curb appeal. In addition to the outside exterior of a property, architectural columns can also benefit and add splendor to a home’s interior. When positioned at a room’s entryway, the luxurious accents create an upscale classy room transition for an exquisite finishing touch that will enhance the beauty and richness of any space.



Architectural columns can be customized by Realm of Design to reflect a homeowners taste. They can be simple and sleek or artistically ornate.  For those that wish to make their outdoor designing columns even more interesting, creatively garnish the pillars with foliage and/or greenery. The natural grace will create a charming ornamental focal point that is the perfect design enhancement for a posh patio or courtyard. Whether decorative architectural columns embellish a home’s exterior or interior, they are certain to present an elegant, sophisticated touch.