custom stone table design


A great new year’s resolution that also happens to be a popular interior design trend early this 2013 is to incorporate sustainable designs and BE GREEN when decorating. Being green in general has become more popular over the years, whether it’s recycling or using solar panels, but it has extended its sustainable green arm into the decorating trends.

 An easy way to follow this Green interior design trend is to use natural materials. Popular choices for natural materials when decorating include wood and stone. Although both of these materials are already natural, both have absolute sustainable design options. Wood, which is natural, to begin with, can be made entirely sustainable by using raw reclaimed wood instead of pressed/processed wood in its designs. Sustainable reclaimed wood pieces are generally custom made which means they are hand-hewed which also means they are unique. Reclaimed wood pieces offer more character than processed/pressed wood because of the pieces display and embrace the wood’s natural distress and imperfections. These blemishes actually add character and beauty to the piece and ultimately the room.

Scott hand-hewing reclaimed wood into a table

Stone architectural elements and pieces are made into sustainable designs by using recycled items such as Glass and Fly Ash (such as Realm of Design’s GreenStone) in architectural accents. These beautiful pieces are not only good for the earth because they reduce waste in landfills, but they are strong and durable. Sustainable building and design materials can be used to replace standard concrete in any piece—these include fireplace surrounds, mantels, kitchen hoods, countertops, tables, etc…

custom stone table

It’s easy to see why decorating with Sustainable Designs is popular and trending. It’s because it’s not only green—it’s gorgeous.