Rustic Design Fireplace


 Tuscany is a region in central Italy that is historically known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Tuscan style emerged as an homage to its historical region’s culture and traditions. It has remained a popular decorating style throughout the years because of its elegance, richness and simplicity. The Tuscan décor style, commonly referred to as “Old World Country Style,” is a combination of Old World and Mediterranean Style elements. These elements include natural materials from the Earth such as stone, metal and wood. This look is heavily influenced by nature and exudes a sense peacefulness, warmth and rustic beauty. The style is comfortable and can be achieved by incorporating architectural accents with aged stone, tile and wrought iron pieces. Exposed faux wood beams, architectural door arches and window shutters also add a touch of the Italian design style to a space—even if it’s on the home’s exterior. When Tuscan accents are paired with rich colors and natural textures, this enticing look will bring the spirit of Italy right to your home.


 Whether it’s an interior or exterior—any space within a home will look beautiful and more appealing with the Tuscan style. However, the kitchen has been one of the more popular rooms to showcase the Italian style because it brings an elegant charm to the heart of the home. By incorporating an aged stone kitchen hood and an artistic decorative backsplash, these architectural pieces help achieve the look and atmosphere of an Old World Italian bistro on the countryside that is warm and inviting. But most of all, it’s classy, stylish and tasteful.

 Tuscan Style Kitchen

History has proved that homeowners enjoy basking in Italian culture and ambiance. And Realm of Design Tuscan style architectural elements can help create /re-create those surroundings– all without leaving the comfort of your home.

Tuscan Kitchen Hood