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Adding Architectural Faux Wood Beams to an interior ceiling has become increasingly popular in 2013 due to the beam’s versatility, functionality and of course…attractiveness. These architectural accents are typically added to a ceiling to add warmth and character to a room. The beams can be painted or stained your favorite wood color to add a beautiful,dramatic, rustic look. Whether affixed a flat ceiling or vaulted, they heighten the room’s attractiveness. The enhanced ceiling will bring elevated depth and texture to an ordinary flat room.


Although they may look like real wood, a handy benefit of these imitation Eco-friendly beauties is that they can conceal exposed wiring and/or pipes. Furthermore, because faux wood beams are made with lightweight polyurethane instead of heavy genuine wood, these tree-savers are easy to install and are virtually maintenance-free. You won’t have to worry about bugs setting up shop in these aesthetic architectural details.

Faux wood beams by Realm of Design Las Vegas

Since the complimentary look of wood is timeless, faux wood beams can be utilized to embellish a home’s exterior ceiling as well. Furthermore, these decorative architectural details are a fairly inexpensive way to add style as well as value to a home. Therefore, faux wood beams not only elevate your ceilings but they can heighten your home’s equity.

exterior faux wood beams and ceiling by Realm of Design

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